Rā's al Ghūl
Nick Name

The Demon's Head

The Immortal

Civilian ID
Rā's al Ghūl



Legal Status
International criminal
Nation or Planet of Origin
Presumably Northern Africa
Group Affiliation

League of Assassins

Base of Operations
Headquarters in North Africa
6' 5"
215 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Black with white temples.
Known Powers

Annually renewed chemically enhanced strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability and immortality.

Exceptional hand-to-hand combatant schooled in a wide variety of fighting techniques.

Genius level intelligence with aptitudes in a wide variety of sciences and medicine. An excellent tactician, schooled in the arts of war.


Lazarus Pits: Naturally occurring pools that occur in many regions of the Earth capable of restoring youth, vitality and resurrecting the dead.

Common Enemies


Batman I


Robin I

Justice League

Legion of Super-Heroes


Regularly Appearing


Detective Comics


The Legion

First Appearance
Batman #232 (June, 1971)
Dennis O'Neil & Neal Adams

Rā's al Ghūl has been alive since the Middle Ages. A doctor in North Africa, his wife was killed and he was buried in a pit when he offended the son of an important Sultan, by saving the life of a man the prince nearly killed. The pit contained a mysterious substance that both heals and prolongs the life of anyone bathed in it. Such pits, referred to as Lazarus Pits, have been discovered by Rās all over the world. Their healing quality appears to be born of the earth itself.

Discovering Batman's identity, Rās kidnapped his ward Dick Grayson (Robin I), and went to Batman for help, claiming his daughter, Talia, had been kidnapped as well by the League of Assassins, which he secretly commanded. Batman courageously overcame many obstacles to rescue the two, and by doing so proved himself a worthy heir for Rā's al Ghūl.